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Borgo C

Opening Hours: 12nn-3pm, 6pm-11pm; Monday closed

Borgo is the Italian for place, and for us, we have used it to resemble a place to relax, be carefree and blend with your friends. Together, wishes exists, hobbies and past times too, and these are the things that have inspired us to create Borgo.


At Borgo, we believe food is an attitude, you are what you eat, therefore we only use the most natural ingredients – natural sea salt, vinegar, herbs & spices, olive oils, even the cream you may find in the sweet memories the chef has created. If it’s simplicity you are reflecting off, then we will use the simplest ingredients and style of cooking.    

Drinking is our life, and we believe that a drink can often complete your thought of mind. From wine to sake, whiskey, champagne, beer, you feel like it, tell us and we will serve you it with our special glasses that match your mood.

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