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Enagic Kangen Water

The electrolyzed Kangen Water is produced by electrolyzing tap water. Electrolyzed Kangen Water contains a large amount of active hydrogen, which is able to remove the free radicals produced in human body, and thus effectively improve the physical health and enhance immune system as well as immunity.We would like to emphasize that the electrolyzed Kangen Water is not only pure, it can also improve physical condition and exerts good effects on various diseases. There are three main characteristics:

1. Alkaline: after being electrolyzed, positively charged ions like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium etc., in the water are attracted by cathode. Then the number of hydrogen ions increases and being alkaline, which can neutralize the toxic acid in body, changing the acidic physique.

2. Small molecules: normal waters molecules are 13-16 molecules while electrolyzed water molecules are 4-5 molecules, which are more easily absorbed.

3. Reduction potential: with lower than -250Mv amazing oxidation reduction potential, in addition to ionized minerals, it can effectively remove bacteria as well as toxins and metabolites in blood to promote physical health.Drinking Kangen Water which is rich in active hydrogen everyday, not only helps the body to transport nutrients faster, but also provides the minerals the body needs. It can effectively remove wastes and toxins in body, help dissolve the fat, cholesterol and the like deposited on the wall of blood vessels, which can easily help prevent various heart diseases and enhance every organ’s function.

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